Go to INFR.org to download or look at the most recent RULE BOOK and all other important information from them.
New for 2012-INFR Permits

Per INFR By-law 3.9. An individual not wanting to purchase an INFR Membership can purchase an 
INFR Permit for a fee set by the INFR. The applicant must meet the application requirements set 
out in the INFR Rule Book to be eligible to purchase a Membership. The Permit is good for one 
rodeo season and allows the Permit holder to participate only at his/her Region or Tour Rodeos. 
No points are awarded at any Region or Tour Rodeos and the Permit does not qualify the 
individual to the Region Finals or the INFR. Permits must be purchased through the INFR office.

2012 INFR permit fees: Open Member-$50, Senior Member-$50, Junior Member $25. Remember 
these permits are only good for ONE region and DO NOT qualify you to the region finals or INFR.


Hello INFR Members and Friends,

The 2012 rodeo season is shaping up great! We have 14 Tour Rodeos on the schedule with 2 Tour Rodeos already in the books. The next Tour Rodeo will be a new Tour stop this year in Window Rock, AZ June 2-3. All the entry info and all Tour Rodeo dates are updated on the INFR website. REMINDER....you must purchase your INFR card or permit through the INFR office before entering any Tour or region rodeo. Cards are $200 through May 31. Starting June 1, 2012 they will be $225.
The INFR rule book has been updated for 2012. You can download it from the website or get a copy from your region secretary. Some rule updates include a 30 second time limit in all timed events. Women contestants are required to wear western button up shirts (this rule was also changed for WPRA and PRCA). There is an outlined grievance policy in the new book as well. We encourage you to read and know your rule book. 
Check out the info for the INFR Hall of Fame. It is on the website. You can download a nomination form. We will be inducting 5 members into the Hall of Fame this year during the 2012 INFR. 
We hope everyone has a safe and successful rodeo season. Be sure and get entered! Please share this email with all your friends and invite them to sign up for email updates!

Good luck!


January 15, 2013

Happy New Year everyone!!!

We are already busily getting into the new year.

First of all Mr. Wheeler informed the INFR Commission that he did not accept his nomination for WSIRA President therefore declined the position.  The WSIRA President is  Cody Barney.

The INFR has sent out a schedule for anyone interested in attending the Judges Clinic, Timers Clinic or Secretary Clinic to be held February 22, 23 & 24, 2013 at the South Point, in Las Vegas.

Judges Clinic is 2/22, 23, 24/13; starts 1-5 p.m. on the 22nd, 8am-5pm on the 23rd and 8-12am on the 24th.  
The fee for this clinic is $150 for Judge attendees; non-judge attendees is $100.

Timers Clinic is 2/22/13 from 1-5 pm. The fee for this clinic is $100.

Secretary Clinic is 2/23/13 from 8am-5pm.
The fee for this clinic is $100.

Anyone interested is welcome to register.

I have made contact with all our rodeo committes to confirm dates and get sanction forms in so that we can get the schedule posted. 

If you have a new committee or know of anyone interested in having a new rodeo please let one of the board members know.

Keep checking the website for updated information hopefully I will get the information timely and will be able to post them soon.  


February 4, 2013

I received a list of changes the INFR has made for the 2013 rodeo season.  Please read them carefully as they do affect how things will operate this coming year.

One important rule for the Youth is that the Jr Bull Riders must wear a helmet this year.

I have updated the list of rodeos for the season.  As you will see I have secured a Tour Rodeo in Porterville, CA this season.  I made a trip down there in January and Bob Joseph and I met with a group of thier Members and the Tribal Council.  We are all very excited to be working with them on this rodeo.  It is a beautiful place and should be awesome in June.  

I've also been in touch with the Wheelers and have been assured they will have thier rodeo in White Swan, however we just need to verify if it will be a Tour or not.  

Also you will notice that I have Hoopa listed as well.  I have been working with thier new committee and hope to have a date secured in the near future.  I look forward to heading back to Hoopa and swimming in thier beautiful river.  

Keep checking for updates on the website, as I get them I will post them immediately.

Happy Love Month everyone!!!

INFR UPDATE Received 5/5/13 

These are issues relayed to me this week..

The region standings need to be posted at least 2 weeks after each region rodeo on the Regions website.

Please relay to rodeo committees that rodeos not starting on time will be subject to fines. For example, if the poster or documents states it will start at 1:00 p.m. and don't get started until 1:30 the region will be fined, and will progress with each fraction. (this includes slacks as well)


The following is a rule that was approved as of May 7, 2013.

The region rodeo secretary/CES fee will be $4 per contestant for 1 round region rodeos, $8 for more than 1 round per contestant. The following are the only charges allowable for region rodeos.

Entry fee
Judge fee - only if you have certified INFR judges, otherwise you cannot charge the contestant this fee
Stock Charge

No other fee can be charged to the contestant.

The CES charge at tour rodeos will still be $10 and split as follows $6 to Midwest entries for CES system and $4 to secretary/region.  

February 12, 2016

Thank goodness the Groundhog said early Spring.  We have had one cold winter here in Central Oregon anyway.  

It's time to start gearing up for the 2016 Rodeo Season.  I'm going to post a tentative schedule right now and hope to have it finalized by Mid March.

Kim and I are looking into hosting a Judges/Secretary/Timers Clinic at the end of March.  We have two potential sites in mind and will be figuring out if it will work out or not.  Please let us know if any of you would be interested.    

The INFR Region meeting in has been postponed to a later date however we will be having a couple of conference calls with the Commissioners.  So if you have any concerns or issues you would like to have brought up please e-mail them to me at cherylgtom@hotmail.com

Please get your 2016 card bought.  The Tour Rodeo's have started already.  Also, be aware the card fees have been increased a few dollars.

If you know of a community that would like to sponsor a rodeo in our region please have them call one of the board members or let us know that you are working with them so we can assist in anyway necessary.

Lets Rodeo WSIRA!!!

Oregon, Nevada, California, Idaho
January 29, 2018

Happy New Year everybody!!!Hope you are all fairing well this winter and hope you are all dodging the awful flu bug that is going around.

I will be contacting our Rodeo Committees to confirm rodeos so I can get our calendar posted.  Also, just an FYI the INFR has been moved up to the last week of October for the next 3 years.  Therefore we have to complete our region finals by the 3rd week-end in September.  

The Officer terms have been changed to 3 years across the board again, so we won't have elections until the end of next year.  

And our Region now has to pay an additional $1500 to sponsor a saddle at the INFR.  We can seek out a sponsor so if anyone knows of someone who would like to sponsor a saddle let me know.  

Lets all start getting in shape for the season, LOL.  See you all this Spring.